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Knowy helps you learn about your clients through surveys, KYC, quizzes, calculators, and other interactive elements. It’s a no-code platform. This allows brands to gain valuable insight into their target market. Knowy offers a range of solutions to make your data collecting effective and simple.

Our platform is user-friendly and flexible, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes. With stunning designs and no coding, you can be up and running in 10 minutes. Knowy offers: Advanced analytics, responding to your clients in real-time, a variety of templates, segmentation and advanced personalization, many embedding options, CRM features, marketing automation and more. Eventually, it saves lots of time and makes your work easier & accurate.

Yes, Knowy provides a range of response capabilities, allowing you to respond to your clients’ feedback in real-time. If it’s SMS or Email. This allows you to provide a personalized experience and build strong relationships with your clients.

The sky is the limit. After creating an account and choosing your program, you can make how many Knowys you’d like.

Yes, Knowy provides a range of customization options. You can change the look and feel of your surveys and quizzes to match your brand. Add your own logo, choose from a variety of fonts , color options, and more.

You can embed your Knowy in anyway you want. We made it easy for you

We believe in DATA and protect it. Knowy is committed to protecting the privacy of your data and adheres to strict data privacy regulations. Includes GDPR and CCPA. All data is securely stored and protected, and you always have full control over your data.

Yup! We have a free trail for a week. Just open a user and start creating Knowys for free. You can use all the different type of Knowys and experiment, you could find out what suits you best before getting a package.
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