10 Survey Hacks for Better Engagement

We always aim to increase engagement and enrich data simultaneously. It’s somewhere between science and art, and while not easy, it’s very possible and effective with the right survey. Engagement is an investment for the long term (and short), and with surveys, you keep your finger on the pulse with customers. In fact, companies with higher customer engagement through surveys experience a 23% increase in customer retention and a 15% boost in revenue compared to those with lower engagement levels. Want them to answer and engage regularly in surveys?
We’ve gathered 10 methods for increasing engagement when building surveys

  1. Opening screen with the right tone
    Hallo Spaceboy: A strong, funny, brief, and connecting opening screen sets the stage for the survey. Concise and direct opening screens receive 5% more responses compared to those starting directly with questions. Invest in the opening screen and you’ll get more attention.
  1. Set Expectations
    Transparency is the key to enriching data (and generally to good relationships): Those who enter the survey have already mentally prepared for something. Our role is to reflect to them what it is in the simplest and clearest way. A small trick that always helps – indicate how long it will take to complete the survey they are about to answer. Also, a progress bar helps customers reach the end of it.
  1. Offer an Incentive
    The bottom line in any marketing message ever – what’s in it for me? Give your customers incentives and exclusivity on your products or services in the future if they complete the survey.
  1. Legality®
    A small disclaimer paragraph that provides reassurance: it’s necessary to include a disclaimer explaining how we will use the data provided by the customer. It provides reassurance like seeing ® on a product you’re buying.
  2. Accessibility
    WCAG: it’s always important to check that your survey meets all accessibility requirements.
  3. First handshake – Email
    How do we stay in touch if we don’t exchange details? It’s always a good idea to start the first question with an email/phone number. Surveys that requested an email beforehand saw an 8% increase in engagement. It has great strategic potential because of increased commitment after personal contact sharing. In other words, not everyone gets our number (or email).
  4. Focus on the Topic
    You can’t ask everything in one breath: stay focused on the information you want to know. Surveys with less than 6 questions that took less than two minutes received significantly higher engagement rates.
  5. Game it – mix Question Types
    Add interest and playfulness: it’s a good idea to include different types of questions (American, open-ended, scale, and more) to maintain higher engagement. If your entire survey looks like the same thing, it can decrease engagement and cause customers to drop off.
  6. Smart Logic
    Respond to customer answers: smart logic allows businesses to tailor the survey and products to the types of responses. There’s nothing like feeling seen and knowing there’s a solution for every preference.
  7. Clean & Simple Design
    Surveys are already filled with a lot of information, so it’s best to create a simple and beautiful survey tailored to your brand.

With Knowy, you can create surveys that attract your audience, reach higher engagement, and develop important insights. Our platform includes all the approaches and tricks mentioned here and more. Want to reach even greater engagement? Talk to us 😊

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